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Hot off the press – Huffington Post ‘HOW TO HELP’

This Huffingtonpost article truly captures the gravity of the water problem around the world. Despite continuous effort to remedy the water crisis; almost 750 million still lack access to clean water. The article also provides a number of organizations that have committed their objectives to water development around the world.

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Quenching China’s Thirst For Water

Here is an article from Forbes that illustrates the current water problem in China. The growth and economic development in China had been given first priority; unfortunately, environmental measures had been neglected for decades. According to World Health Organization, one out of four Chinese do not have daily access to clean water approximately 300 million. Both private and government sectors are actively seeking for innovative solutions to fill the technology and service gaps to solve the water crisis.

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What is H2O for Life?

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H2O for life is a class project to raise awareness to improve water development in many developing areas across the globe. Nearly 800 million people around the world live without clean water, especially in developing areas in Africa, Northwest China and Latin America. Water is the essence of life and it’s easy to take water for granted we go to the faucet, turn it on, we expect and get clean water instantly. Unfortunately, many around the world still rely on unsafe water sources and this water problem adversely impacts everything including, our next generation, education, health and well-being. Imagine a family is struggling to get clean water; it is not uncommon to see women, elders and children walk miles to collect water. They often hike 2-3 hours a day to the nearby streams, rivers or poorly constructed wells to collect water and the journey is often treacherous. The hardship is unimaginable; children carrying almost 50 pounds of water going through unsafe terrain every single day, rain or shine, snow or sun. These children need education and should be spending their time in school instead of carrying water. Also, the water they collect usually is not safe to drink because of contamination. The health effects of drinking contaminated water are very serious, including nausea, lung irritation, dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting and even death.

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Our mission is to create awareness and introduce you to different organizations around the world that are helping communities to gain access to reliable water source, improve their health and well being. Most importantly, we would like you to join us and sign this petition and tell Congress to co-sponsor ‘The Water of the World Act’, this is an important legislation to ensure U.S. government can continue to lead the way in helping communities around the world to improve new water development.

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